Purge Reduction Seal

Purge Reduction Seal


For the safe flare operation it is required to purge the gas line, before starting the process, through a non-condensable oxygen-free gas to displace any existing air & to prevent air ingression in to the flare stack. This continuous purging required a large amount of purging gas , to reduce the amount of gas required CRA design and manufactures purge reduction seals.

CRA offers two types of purge reduction seals:-

1. 1. Velocity Seal - The velocity seal is a frustro-conical type baffle

& is incorporated as a integral part of flare tip, welded within the main body of the tip to reduce the consumption of purge gas.

2. 2. .Buoyancy Seal - The Molecular Seal uses the difference in the relative molecular masses of the purge gas & infiltrating air to form gravity seal that prevents the air from entering in to the stack.


· Prevents ingress of air to avoid flash back
· Less purge gas required
· No moving parts
· Functions with wide range of gases
· Designed for Long life & least maintenance
· Material of construction in SS , Carbon Steel
· Designed & manufactured as per API/ASME
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