Knockout Drum

Knock Out Drum (KOD)


CRA design & manufactures knockout drum which removes any liquid droplets that carry over with the gas relief sent to the flare or any other gas utilization / recovery system. They are designed to remove oil/liquid/other suspensions to maximum achievable level as per the site conditions.

CRA offers Horizontal as well as Vertical orientation Knock-out Drums. The selection is made based on the process parameters, project requirements and site conditions.


· Customized design as per client’s requirement

· Standard accessories as per project requirements for measurement and removal of accumulated liquid in the KOD.

· Skid mounted modular design.

· Material as per client/ project requirement.

· Designed for Long life & least maintenance

· Approved by leading consultants.

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 No(s)
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