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Precise measurement of gas requires high accuracy, low pressure drop and direct mass flow reading, CRA offers three type Flow meters:-

1. Venturi Flowmeter - Venturi flow meters utilize differential pressure in order to measure the rate of flow of a substance within a system. Because of this, Venturi flow meters are highly popular in many industries and also in commercial purposes.

2. Orifice Flowmeter - Orifice plate flow meters, or simply orifice plates, are devices that are used to measure the rate of flow within a system. This type of flow meter provides data of the volumetric or mass flow rates of a fluid depending on the reading that is taken from the orifice plate. Orifice plate flow meters utilize the same principles as venturi flow meters as it uses the relationship between the velocity of a liquid and the pressure of the liquid to determine what the velocity of the flow of liquid actually is. For example, if the pressure of the liquid decreases, then you know that the velocity of the flow has increased.

3. Thermal Mass Flowmeter – These flow meters comes in two types namely in-line type and insertion type flowmeter includes the flow sensing element, temperature sensing element and the probe assembly that supports the sensing elements. The insertion style flowmeter probe assembly may be inserted in to any suitable flow section, pipe or duct.



· ATEX approved & Non-ATEX models available.

· Customize as per client’s requirement

· Standard accessories as per project requirements for measurement

· Skid mounted modular design.

· Material as per client/ project requirement.

· Designed for Long life & least maintenance

· Approved by leading consultants.

· Dampening of pulses in effective manner.


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