Enclosed Flare

Enclosed Flare & Thermal Oxidizers


Enclosed Flares & Thermal Oxidizers designed & manufactured by Combustion Research Associates offer high destructive efficiency > 99% incorporating the latest technologies and features to ensure optimal performance and quiet operation. Advantages such as burning at ground level, smokeless and invisible flame for Natural Gas, LPG, Biogas, Landfill, Producer Gas, Petrochemical, Syn Gas, CBM Gas, Vapors or any other combustible gases.



· Fully customized & cost effective solutions as per project requirements.

· CDM compliance modular skid-mounted systems.

· Easily containerized and transportable.

· High VOC Destruction efficiency achieved > 99%.

· Hidden Flame, low noise and fumes meeting environmental regulations.

· Flashback resistant burners and auto ignition systems.

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