Biological Scrubber

Biological Scrubber

Biological Scrubber

CRA manufactures BIOLOGICAL SCRUBBER in technical collaboration with

M/s S & H Umweltengineering, Germany.

They are pioneers in design & manufacturing of biological scrubbers with more than 200 installations worldwide for different applications and working environments.


The biological desulphurization operating on the principles of a biotrickling filter using sulphur bacteria (thiobacillus) to remove the H2S. The process is totally chemical free and has discharge which can be used as fertilizers. The intensive scrubbing process allows very high H2S reduction rate.

Two types of Biological Scrubbers are offered:

1. Classic® – Liquid discharge product of mild sulphuric acid

2. SulphPur® – Proprietary technology for elemental Sulphur discharge


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