Biogas Upgrading System

Biogas Upgrading System


Biogas is produced by anaerobic digestion of organic waste and mainly consists of Methane and Carbon Dioxide. Due to its Methane content, it has a high potential to be used as replacement of Natural Gas after improving the Methane level > 90% in the gas. The process of enhancing the Methane level in the Biogas is termed as Biogas upgrading.

An upgraded Biogas, known as Bio-Methane or Bio-CNG, can be utilized as renewable energy source as Vehicle fuel, Grid gas, Combined Heat and Power Plants or Process industries.

CRA provides the most comprehensive total solution for biogas upgrading.

CRA manufactures Biogas upgrading module as containerized, compact and fully automatic system.


· Maximum returns from Biogas.

· Zero emission system

· Fully automatic control of the process

· Continuous monitoring of the gas quality

· Low payback period

· High performance, consistent output of gas.

High purity methane up to 99% can be provided

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