At Combustion Research Associates, environmental conservation is our topmost priority. With advanced skid mounted systems that focus on handling, processing, cleaning and the utilisation of renewable fuel sources such as Biogas, Syn Gas, ...Read More

Open Elevated Flare System
Enclosed Flare
Mobile Flare
Compact Flare System
Biogas Flare System
Knockout Drum
Purge Reduction Seal
Water Seal Drum
Pilot Burner
Ignition System
Multi Fuel Burner
Metering Skids
Chemical Scrubber
Dry Scrubber
Biological Scrubber
Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves
Flame Arrester
Biogas Upgrading System
Gas Boosting System
Moisture Trap
Sediment Trap
Ceramic Filter
Gravel Filter
Auto Drain
Duplex Filter
Gas Flare System
Biogas Dehumidifiers
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